Sleeping Dreams

Top Down

Today is blessed
with rain
with rest
with recovery

Small connections
make a difference
make wonder
make growth

Wake from your slumber
see beauty
see wisdom
see forgiveness

Enjoy what today gifts you
learn something new
love for the sake of loving
let go of old pain

Today is blessed
as was yesterday
as is tomorrow
as is now

Hidden Islands

Hidden Island

watching the sunrise
amongst the crowd

do the others notice?

watching the people passing on the street
lost in their own worlds

do they notice me?

I witness for them
it would seem

I see through these eyes
on another day they see for me

witnessing things
I am to distracted to notice

when I dance
I dance for not just myself

They may not know
but that does not matter

I do
and one day they will

dance for me
whether they remember my face or not

we all follow our paths
and they all invenrate the others

moments piling
slowly building lives

beautiful or terrible
we see them all

be my witness
I will be yours

Self Application

sitting sequestered
digesting novelty
fighting with the flow

a moment
a realization
time and movement

stomping lightly
bathed in solitude
gleaming sol’s reflection

a moment
a realization
time and movement

hurtling beneath trees
beaming at the blue
till sick with motion

a moment
a realization
time and movement

briefly simple
undulating homeward
cedar scented breath

a moment
a realization
time and movement

freely it comes now
basking in knowledge
persistence rewarded

from moments flowing
together comes realizations
moving through time
as if it is space
space is time
represented in physicality

Invisible Dusk

I walked out into the milky blanket. It encased the world

in quiet and cold, securing the silence in the color of

mourning doves. Everything was hushed, listening with all

of it’s might, to hear the sounds that would break the

silence. The fog smelled of powdery emptiness, ice

floating suspended in aether. Chimneys seeped out the scent

of hearthfires, mixing their grey, earthly tang with it.

the smell of fire and ice, hanging, clinging to each

breath, coating nostrils in dichotomy.