Bombay Turtles

green hearts
flying solitarily
through the sea
through the wash and waves

arribada dancing
up the mountains
to leave bits of themselves
to leave bits of shell

tiny grays
burst forth
washing away quickly
washing to be free

ash to olive
thin skinned hearts grow
again to explore
again to the shore

In the continuing Title Project, here is the next installment. This title was provided by my Pixie. Yes, I have a Pixie, everyone should, really. This title got me doing some research and is loosely based on the life cycle of the Olive Ridley turtle.

It a Trap!

Crimson suspicion
Voiced with alacrity
Unforgiving truth

This is the next entry in the Title Project. This title was provided by my friend Libby. It is something that is frequently spouted by both me and my group of cohorts. It occurred to me that it would be a good haiku, and that is most likely not the first or last to have been produced. Ah, the joys of a large and rabid fandom!

Boredom Welcome

the days stretch
weeks pass in exhausted blurs
colors frenetic
splashing and soiled
sailing beyond
limits exposed
one more thing
becomes four
luxurious nothing
hours while themselves away
delightfully empty

This is the first (well…second technically, but it is the first in the “official” project) in a project I have started where people give me a title and I write a poem for it.

This one is for Mari. We have never met in person, but she is full of awesome and I am glad she decided to participate in my collaboration!

May the Friday be With You

Sweet Gravel

a favorite holiday
ever since I can remember
I learned long ago
to be my own Valentine

I wanted a balloon
to grace my desk
delivered in class
so I bought on for myself

this year, no balloon
instead donation
red shirt
and a pint of kombucha

may your Friday be lovely
full of smiles
make new memories
be your own Valentine

Titles Wanted

Hello there!

I had so much fun writing a poem based on a title given to me, that I thought I would reach out to all of you and see if you would be so kind as to throw some titles this way for me to use as inspiration. Funny, silly, off color, sweet, romantic, just plain odd, whatever strikes your fancy. I will take requests on format as well. That way I get to learn and stretch my skills while I am doing something fun and interactive. When I post your poem (if you give me the inspiration, it becomes yours in my mind) I will tag it with your name as well.

I appreciate your help and participation in this endeavor!


Color Exposure


I feel within myself a welling up
a blooming

Many times you hear
courage is facing the fear
but to know it?
to grock

My battles are small
some would say unworthy
but they are mine
and I pass through them
with less scars than when i started

I understand
that reticence
the nerves
buzzing and jangling til you can’t be still
of a phone call you
WANT to make

I know the quiet undercutting of self
when you realize your addiction
is the same
same as all the others

I feel boundless pride
swelling and full
deep pleasure that feeds me
when some one else succeeds
especially someone that I love

Oh, and how has the fear haunted me
of standing
shorn of scales
to show the shining from within
to let the people than know me
see all these things

But here I am
and here are you
you see me, even if i don’t see you
Though i feel like i see you all
through the small windows
blue and green

I am brave
and small
and large all at once.
Not hollow, not overfull.
Nervous, yes
but sure

Smile and say hello

Starred Crossroads

Flowing Toes

Today the universe pushed me
pulled me
demanded action

calling out

In response
I walked
in the rain, pouring down

I swung in the park
soaking through
smiling in thoughts

What action?
What do I want?
What does that mean?

open pathways
desert and ocean

I make up my answers
anything I choose
will lead to many other things

Seize the rain
grab hold

Tu Es Parfait

Verdant Trails

bubbling sweet

eyes sparkling
above rose kissed cheeks

experiencing joy
other’s to feast

a glow
only one does inspire

brightly afire

none to be found

pleased to be bound

without measure


euphoric bliss
on which yours is grounds

elegant in simplicity
heartship abounds