Color Exposure


I feel within myself a welling up
a blooming

Many times you hear
courage is facing the fear
but to know it?
to grock

My battles are small
some would say unworthy
but they are mine
and I pass through them
with less scars than when i started

I understand
that reticence
the nerves
buzzing and jangling til you can’t be still
of a phone call you
WANT to make

I know the quiet undercutting of self
when you realize your addiction
is the same
same as all the others

I feel boundless pride
swelling and full
deep pleasure that feeds me
when some one else succeeds
especially someone that I love

Oh, and how has the fear haunted me
of standing
shorn of scales
to show the shining from within
to let the people than know me
see all these things

But here I am
and here are you
you see me, even if i don’t see you
Though i feel like i see you all
through the small windows
blue and green

I am brave
and small
and large all at once.
Not hollow, not overfull.
Nervous, yes
but sure

Smile and say hello


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