Ants in the Pants

Turkey Vulture Face

I open my mouth
close it again
words erupt
no sleep
breeds a strange peace
anxieties absence
anticipation grows
limits set
exponential framework
comforted by knowledge
warmed by connections
potentials expand

Righteous Indignation

heat bakes in waves
minuscule trickles salt the brow
teeth gritted
the delicate swish, swishing

leaning back on haunches
orbs closed
handkerchief pulled aside
allowing the sweet ambrosia of
lukewarm water
to slide through begrimed lips

back to it
scritch, scritching
an artfully placed chisel
pounded gently
removing layers with its rythm

ancient form
exposing itself slowly
like a timid lover
showing delights only
with diligent patience

months have passed in this dance
with in a shanty town
tents and shade sprawling across
hatching discoveries

straining in the gathering twilight
to remove this last piece
empty sockets staring up adoringly

at last the puzzle is boxed
for solving in cool sterility
miles from here

the last rays of the sun
wind picking up dust
to coat the hat and sting the skin
catching on another old one
just below

white teeth flash in the darkness
knowledge of the next days
curiosity peaked and prodded yet again
whispered into evening breezes
solidifying excitement
into a single word

Another in the Title Project, another for Ogre. I chose to play with the words a bit and tried to take this in a direction that was fun and light. Also, dinosaurs!!


Mesa to Mountain

it is so very early
darkness still envelops the world
the croaky chorus from the pond next door
comes and goes

well rested
chest rattling out an erratic tattoo
expelling gobs of gross
then settling back down

tea that tastes of campfires
sandwishes are made
long day prepared for
books stashed away

the ood realization
muted excitement
I love my long days at work
filled with reading and tea
watching the world through huge windows

feeling surreal
on the cusp
on the edge
the strangeness of waiting

soon I will be moved again
a grownup…mostly
waiting for my new old Star Wars poster to arrive
waiting to plot the next round of adventures

time to wait for the bus
to sing to myself in the morning gloam
to meditate amongst the unawake
eating my sandwishes all day


to the right

lost in work
steps leading on
momentary frustrations
melt away and are gone

everyday searching
looking for clues
trying to find the path
leading to you

moments of realization
bits of clarity had
messing with the vibrations
adjusting the settings, sometimes good
sometimes bad

learning always
pushing through
to find the dreams
that lead me to you

Naked on a Zebra

Flying across plains
cresting the rise

wild heart jumping
stripes pressed against thighs

no question on how this came to be
only wonder and exhilaration fighting free

blindly light falls
on shoulders loose

face shining brightly
all wind and thundering hooves

finally pulling up
pausing, breath coming hard

enjoying the dreamers moment
of beauty unmarred

Another in the Title Project. This one also belongs to Pixie. Now, i really, really hope I get to have a dream where I am naked of a zebra, cause that would be kinda fantabuluos.



so many words exist
to describe
feelings which defy them

poets and symphonies
struggle to convey
with exactitude
the nature
of love


soaring and small
universal magnitude

simply mad for

remember now
that perfect kiss
first or fifth

how can you
make mere words

but sometimes
your heart will hear
and sing
someone else’s song

moment of connection
where your
touches another
or touches you
and again your own moment
bursts forth again

there are simply no words
for what i want to say
but you know what i mean