Upstairs Before Dawn

sibilant silence
darkness quickening
ceaseless crickets ended

grey infinity
between sleep
dreams hovering at the edges
of chasms

a step soft, moist
dry dragging of flesh
stairs cringing
singing their fear in erratic bursts

bedclothes stirred
form turning
searching for the depths
not quite hearing

knobs not rusty
turn to ash in burning hands
hinges objecting

solitary, a bird
harbinger of the haze of day
strikes the pane once
falls dying to ground far below

startled, the dreamer wakes
shoving past billowing emptiness
lids lifting
the slow focus of reality

the form fades as light swells
delicate hands with red fingertips
strands enfolding familiar features
haunted, hunted eyes

dissolving into smoke
wisps floating
blue orbs whisper
last tears falling on living cheeks

Another in the Title Project series. This title was offered by Mia, the lovely that actually got me started on this project with The Damp Cuddle. It took me a long time to decide how to handle this title. Instead of going with just a love poem, i decided I would try my hand at combining that with a bit of horror.

I do apologize for the longer delays between my posts, for those that care. There are a lot of things changing in my life, all at once. I am so very lucky to have this list to work on, though, because it keeps me coming back. I am also looking forward to having time to do some more photography, so these posts will be more visually interesting.



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