Terrene Devotions

Variegated Connection

Come, enter my world
the reality of which is myriad
See, within and without
the makings of eternity

Forever, my existence
created from love
I select my world
and only create it from love

Beyond the boundaries of self
only are there other selves
seeking and finding the other
and making it their own

So much is anger, bitterness, hate
wars, conflicts, needless spite
mistaken for self-defense, for self-reliance
for self description

Enjoin, then, with mine
let love elicit connections unseen
let you be guided and i will come with you
to observe where your choices lead

Let us be one
let us be different
let this not cause friction
let this be the source of understanding

Long embraces
fierce osculation
hilarity that brings tears
affectionate fisticuffs

Come, see from the orbs
framed by expressive countenance
Show me your perspectives
bringing joyous verse

Be here with me
and I with you
regardless of distance
regardless of variance


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