Mesa to Mountain

it is so very early
darkness still envelops the world
the croaky chorus from the pond next door
comes and goes

well rested
chest rattling out an erratic tattoo
expelling gobs of gross
then settling back down

tea that tastes of campfires
sandwishes are made
long day prepared for
books stashed away

the ood realization
muted excitement
I love my long days at work
filled with reading and tea
watching the world through huge windows

feeling surreal
on the cusp
on the edge
the strangeness of waiting

soon I will be moved again
a grownup…mostly
waiting for my new old Star Wars poster to arrive
waiting to plot the next round of adventures

time to wait for the bus
to sing to myself in the morning gloam
to meditate amongst the unawake
eating my sandwishes all day


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