Future Past Now

The present has caught up with the past
a strange moment
dancing in surreality

Layers and layers
beaten to unimaginable transparency
folding, melting into each other

The edge of half remembered things
swirling up
melding with the feelings held tight

Paths glimmer
gliding, guiding
lighting themselves where we choose to step

This is beauty
bliss and tears
stumbling, we find each other



Curiosity fuels dreams
questions burble
craving tiny details

Hot flesh
glassy eyed
empty brain
boiling questions awaiting askance

Outward pressure
interstices precipitate
asking silence

desire fountains
looming curiously above the hollows

Crashing moons
shifts red
blooming knowledge

everything falls
into places created
to hold the questions

Her Be Dragons

dragons surge and reconfigure
did i wrong someone?
did I injure without intention?
did the choosing become the undoing?

squirming under bones
no harm was meant
any hurt i take into myself
i chose

skin slithers over scales
did i take advantage?
shall is bury the pain i only imagine?
escape into the old ways?

words come through teeth
shame will engulf
solvent will not solve
feel, do not hide

tails clenched in jaws
i did what i felt was right
i will not let myself fall
those depths shall not claim me


It has come to my attention that i have surpassed the 100 followers mark. I really never expected that many! I am pleased and flattered and honored by the attention. This event has also given me the courage to announce that I am writing some short stories and I have a novel brewing.

Thank you!

I have been busy taking photos, and after some editing, I should have a good stash to start adding to my words again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for the support and for just taking the time to read my words.