Can you see?

I wear my heart in my sleeve
mask with eyes that show only
blank canvas
towering clouds immerse flesh in storms
rapt in dusk’s flames

I wear my face in the other
dagger unsheathed
point obvious
exposed by the waters
clean, rhythmic, swift



a three eyed crow was I
the only solution
guarding my ship
a fitting constitution

the old man had many dogs
ever changing at three
helped change become
let i save me

so now a ship’s bird am i
watching and warning
save my sailors on the oceans
through the blow and the storming

Lost in the Woods

Unknown Paths

Stay on the path, they said
it it golden, clear and bright.
Don’t stray to the grass, they said
it is simply not right.

Don’t go into the house, they said
danger lives within.
Don’t give in to temptation, they said
you know not what will begin.

I like the hard paths, said I
going the way I “should” not.
I don’t mind the witches, said I
the bears got what they ought.

Besides, stories are quite boring
without some additional exploring.