I put it away
not to forget
not to wither

It comforts me
and it waits
oh so patiently

If ever you come looking
it will be here
but until then

I will occupy my time
with experiences
so there will a new thing

when we meet again.

I so look forward to that day
that moment
that embrace

When all the time falls away
and you are here
and so am I

Until then it grows
deeper and taller
broader and broader

It will encompass the world
in it’s own way
exploding into stars

when we meet again.

While it is tucked safely inside
it warms me
it saves me

Peace expands my smiles
melancholy visits
persevering joys

It can be seen hiding behind
eyes basking in the day
inquisitive and strong

Wanting not expectations
soaking in through skin
numbed by absence

when we meet again.


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