there is a sign
posted by the door
in a room abandoned
except for my sister and I

broad black letters
encourage one to
Take What You Need
underlined with evidence

the tabs have been ripped off
leaving hope, comfort, freedom
kindness, joy behind
more comfort than the others

I ponder my choice
comfort is what I need now
so I select my paper strip
and tuck it in my pocket

what haunts me
are the empty spaces
I am sure love was the first to go
faith must have been there too

I am sure I must now make my own sign
to fill in the blanks of curiosity
smile with strangers I will never see
certain this will bring comfort to me



tender with sight
soft guilt a shroud
inviting uncertainty

wounds given
may heal well for one
but not the other
fluttery insecurity

exploring the gashes
washing them clean
time slowly and swiftly closes
shaking hope steps forth