One Step, Two Step

Tiny moments

bellow loudly

their silent meanings.

Go slowly


with underlying urgency.

When did the train whistles stop?

They did not.

Focus on others things blocked them.

When will the apple drop?

Open hands

wait with closed eyes.

Preparations continue

journeys stretch like cats

curiosity feeding itself

into my joy.


Have you ever?

Have you ever met a person that sees

though the lines

behind the shades

catching you off guard when your eyes meet?

Have you ever met a person

that touches you with respect

tries to open your closed mind

insistent and gentle as the pull of sand in the tide?

Have you ever met a person that laughs

so hard tears crawl down aching cheeks

with you

at the same terrible puns you adore?

Have you ever met a person

whose kiss lights up the heavens

where you fly through unbound light

all with your eyes shut, frozen in bliss?

Have you ever met

the reflection of your soul

all it’s shades reversed

a perfect compliment to you?

Have you ever met the person

that haunts your dreams

that is your happy place when things are hard

that inspires you to become worthy of your own feelings?

Have you ever met a person

that catalyzes

that deftly brings you

to your own fruition

through no effort on their own?

Have you ever lost them?

Lost yourself?

Found both again, bound by threads

loosely tied but unbreakable?

The Cat Within

curiouser and curiouser

down the rabbit hole I fell

twisting, squirming, flailing

to the bottom of the well

all around disguised

were reflections

of my own eyes

I fought

and I drowned

I thought

and I clowned

til i found a portal

that lead further down

up and up I fell

gliding, smiling, enjoying

til i emerged teeth first

the place was the same

the same as i left it

now i knew

how to change it

so slowly I faded

toes to stripy skin

leaving til last

twinkly eyes and a feral grin


a creature

mysterious, unknowable

I shed my skin

remove my mask

stand naked before you

crack open my bones

what flows beneath my skin

all the thoughts

flowing through my lips

just to let you see me

as i really am

I see you

I know you

I know the routes your mind makes

all the turnings and winding ways

seem straight to me

when I seek them

but you do not see me

for a mysterious creature am I

What I Heard

devotion is staying

regardless of what I do

no matter how many times you slam

yourself into the wall that is me

the changing terms should not

effect your affect for me

I know when you are done

ready to throw up hands and run

it is time to change

just enough so you stay

this isn’t crazy

this is love

show me your devotion

don’t leave me even when I ignore you

don’t give you what you need

because I need you here

to feel okay

I will say what i think you need to hear

I will make effort to please you

but only when you threaten to leave

and then say that you are not the devoted one

your patience for years

your fighting to make things work

even when I did not engage

your staying in my life

even after you left me

that is not devotion

devotion is staying with me

not throwing in the towel

keeping me happy

at the expense of yourself