One year today

three lines

berries sprayed like blood on concrete

One year today

slowly revealed

pulled away at onion layers of tears

One year today

journey begun

courage found unfurling webbed wings

Today is my blog’s one year anniversary. It has been a wonderful trip and I am so glad for the people that I have met along this path.  I walk slow, but that means the journey is more fun.

Thank you and may your day be filled with all that is right in the world.





if I could I would

hug everyone I with my mind

near or far

give the feeling I have right now

to everyone


it would be a moment

that spreads throughout time

a warming

a sharing

a gift

content, happy smiles

twinkling eyes

arms open

awaiting the next embrace

It’s Not Everyday

there is something expandingly wonderful

about waking up to laughter

squealing and giggling

irritating the neighbors

there is something intimately magical

about the ignored alarms

finger traps and knotted knees

hiding under the covers

there is something delightfully mundane

watching the blustery grey

sipping cocoa whilst reading other’s tales

soon to be wrapped in the joy of friends


it is hard

to see

to be seen

to be wanted

for me

not the idea of me

not the story of me

it thrills, chills

to hear

because you are you

to know

I am me

and you see me

and you….

like me

this way

that way

anyway that I am

uncensored unfiltered


needed translations


you see through my eyes

what I do not want to hide


I find myself whole


here i sit

surrounded by bliss

not following

not searching

just appreciating what is

anticipation of what is to come

satisfaction in what is done

appreciation of the solitude currently in my home

my past is quiet

my future brimming

my present is balanced

I love it here

Year 2: Day 44 – Melted Cheese

So good I had to share

The 365 Poetry Project

My love for you is like
a glass of wine after work,
is like melted cheese on the weekends,
five days of plowing through greenery
to deserve what I don’t deserve.

In my office my dreams are of
me-mamaroni and you-paparoni
while a curtain of melted cheese pours down,
tucking us into golden sleep.

I wanna stick on the couch
and wake up a cat
and wash your face
and fold your socks
and hold a paintbrush
between my paws.

There’s a thing about holding it together
like a pants-button after dinner,
that when you let it go
it’s like a flood.

My love for you is like a flood
of melted cheese on the weekends,
and we are spoons
and you are a bowl
we collect into
and I am a sigh
of relief.

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Universal Nature

what fills the space between spaces?

what does the void hide?

what fills the aether?

is it dark, or perhaps light?

is it made of souls or maybe love?

What a comfort that would be

to know that we are




in love

that it holds all things together

it creates the gravity that

holds the clouds in cradled hands

like faces to be kissed