Why Fairy Tales Exist


The Fickle Heartbeat


A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

Once upon a time a little girl learned of fairy tales and Prince Charming. She used to steal midnights under the covers with her book and a flashlight. She’d stare out of the window looking for a shooting star, searching for a dandelion on the sidewalk, and blowing out all her birthday candles – always with the same wish.

Yet, this little girl was never a damsel in distress, she wasn’t a helpless princess. This little girl didn’t sleep through life, she didn’t run from her troubles, and she didn’t let anyone tell her that she can’t. Yet at the end of every night, this little girl would still fall asleep dreaming of a happily ever after of her own.

Once upon a time this little girl grew up. And I’ll be damned if someone still tells her that true love…

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