Gorey Nights

Dreadful laughter

ghastly and tiny crumbs

fall beneath feet

burning derelict sums

tiny deaths insinuate

pounding grand drums

pursuit fallow and long

slides smoothly past the gums.


Harmony Hears a Who

one week from now

a quest shall ensue

early risen

into the cold dark

a favorite companion


one week from now

soaring far away

gliding to the light

my oldest friend

gales of delight

roast beast.

one week from now

glee will sparkle

joyful embraces located

a new playmate

smattered affection all around


one week from now

invasion of mysteries deep

heartfelt boxes of blue

the man with the angry eyebrows

quest completed

exhausted snuggly sleep.

Feeling Feline Falconry

sweet revelations

darling resolutions

bright realizations

out of the darkling time

boasts the broken heart

shattered pieces crystallized

then further broke apart

til the dust shimmered

in the moon’s half light

coalescing, dancing

and rebuilt itself

into a sturdy and fur soft heart

beating more slowly

deeply pondering it’s breadth

discovering it has wings and roots

and all sorts of fancy stuff

brave though not without fear

thrusting itself into trust

jumping from cliffs to soar hither and thither

always a tiny tether to follow home

never lost even when lonely

no hurt could ever be as great

as that massive twilit break

no holes, no missing bits

found a place where it fits

so, it sits.

Midnight Undertakings

so strange to think

how soon

how long

my lips carve sparkles

pupils blown

wide and dark

with studied anticipation

the well is filled with giddiness

mixed deeply in long awaited gifts

irises breathe in



fingertips releasing them back into the ground

then filtering back up

to the well’s mouth

longing to fill mine