To Speak What I Think

words flow so elegantly

eloquence unfolds with a majesticness

as sleep evades searching eyes


Well, Hulloo There!


last night

i met myself

i think

first i met all the folks

i used to believe I was

they came to my table

one by one

two by two

trying to catch my attention

some were silent

some were gorgeous

some were pushy

some were obnoxious

then the girl that shared arrived

i think i knew it was me

by her eyes

a wilted rose she gave me

the petals and thorns falling in my hands

til just the stem was left

we ooh’d and ahh’d and decided to taste

the healing gel it contained

it was roses and green and soft

til the tart sour made saliva pour from our mouths

we decided to pickle it

or maybe make jelly

then we smiles at each other

recognition of understanding

our lips touched

to wake me from my slumber


dawning with the sun

Open Cracks

let down the burden

next step

heavily set

thumping on ground below

breathe deep of light

lightness within

expanding bones so tightly condensed

raise up hands to the sky

touching the sun

fingertips outstretched to distant fire

bend down

lift with the knees

do not bend the back

weight reduced

a bag smaller than it was

leaving a dribble of gravel behind

take the burden up again

smile at it’s lightness

move forward til again it is time to let it down

Workin It Out

fly thattaway way

awkward sharp distressed

words not at their best

perfection is not sought

peace is not bought

found in soft small moments

heard in offhand comments

new chapters arise

happy faces even after goodbyes

sunshine calls

open air enthralls

edges smoothed sanded out

vulnerability makes fine grained gout

fight the soul fight

sleep sweetly tomorrow night