plans laid out

splayed across the table in my mind

if-thens played out

back up plans stacked to one side

teetering on the fulcrum

it is time to ask

butterflies and then some

it will all be okay

deep breath in then let it out

eyes opened wide

this is the moment it has all been about

haunches quivering ready to jump

Time to fly!


Love in Ten Lines

my heart sings love

blossoming love from lips

love skating to clouds

love sings my heart

finding ways in love

sinking love to roots

sing love to me

sit with me, love

love our fingers entwined

spring love on us!

I kept reading everyone else’s.  I just had to play, too. =)


once upon a time

the girl with eyes the color of the sea


looking at an ocean of desert


aura of red about her form

two storms rolled in

they crashed like waves into each other

directly above her

she stood in the winds

soul snapping like a cape in the warmth

face upturned to receive what drops of rain would come

then she danced

spinning, undulating, flickering

like the half moon through clouds

leaving traceries of red against the night

powdery dust crept up he legs

her arms embraced the sky

and when the storms passed

all their passion spent

she lay in the desert

smiling at the sky

playing with the stars


it is a day

back in my house that feels like a hotel for my things

settling back into the repetitive uncertainty of life’s current state

i found my home when I wasn’t looking

then I dropped the key

i reside there just long enough to remember that

it is a day

heart sings gratitude and loneliness

looking at all the things here I did not miss

wading through the pregnant hollowness that surrounds me

a few days of this before i almost forget again

that I dropped my key

it is a day

laughter brightens it

ocean eyes keep their salty rivers

time has a funny way of playing

all i want is to go home again, again, again

never to leave it

it is a day

when I wonder if I can reach it

i see it sparkling there

just beyond outstretched fingertips, straining millimeters away

maybe there is another key

for the same door

maybe today

Long Distance Bed Mates

breath softly expelled

snores swing through

loud and rachety like motorbikes

the sounds of sleep

carried through packets

magic and air

soothe my dreams

til I reach out for you

convinced you are right there

startled awake by the hollow

not left by your body

familiar sound rattling through

I smile

knowing soon the sound

will not be through the phone