it is a day

back in my house that feels like a hotel for my things

settling back into the repetitive uncertainty of life’s current state

i found my home when I wasn’t looking

then I dropped the key

i reside there just long enough to remember that

it is a day

heart sings gratitude and loneliness

looking at all the things here I did not miss

wading through the pregnant hollowness that surrounds me

a few days of this before i almost forget again

that I dropped my key

it is a day

laughter brightens it

ocean eyes keep their salty rivers

time has a funny way of playing

all i want is to go home again, again, again

never to leave it

it is a day

when I wonder if I can reach it

i see it sparkling there

just beyond outstretched fingertips, straining millimeters away

maybe there is another key

for the same door

maybe today


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