Action Potential

reality flows from the deep end to the other

alarming immediacy

vibrating bones

til concentration explodes into frenetic madness

released it settles back slowly

like and old man in a chair

carefully rearranging

the right spot found for the right bits

comfortable distance from the air

until the throb and tickle of the future

comes to displace

rest into action



never before

did the value of femininity


I did not appreciate my own

other’s was questionable

raised to see the behaviors

as weakness

softly starting to accept

it is a side of myself to not hide


how much it matters now

how much gratitude I have

for the appreciation

of my girly ways


as I learn to be

my version of


Hang Over Cure

the way you are

full of nonsense words

inappropriately perfect songs

bouncing the bed

burrowing across the bed

to steal my side

taking me out in the middle of the night

magicking away my hang over

with your skin and laughter and dimples

dancing in bed

hording the sheet but not the blanket

generally you just being you

in all of the small



ways you are

Ground Crab Season

the music had stopped

i went looking in the rain

pouring warm over bare arms

a familiar but not heard in a long while voice

droplets bouncing off her face

down a steep hill

till the dirt road at the bottom of the city is found

climbing out on the limb

I discover I have been here before

there was no way up from the bottom of the bottom

so I turn

grab the vines and the branches carefully

finding the way back a little scary but done

at the fence

the ground moves with shells and pincers

and I remember

it is crab season