This Moment

it smells of sunshine and petrichor

lemon chemicals

sleep sweat and cologne

dusty floors

sex and cigarettes

hints of chai

exhaust and dryer sheets

a bit of cedar

warm electronics and shampoo


The Trusty Bridge

a thing so delicately made


not in the rush and bustle

but the small moments


layers building on the ones before

heavy stones weighted with glimmers

glittering in the translucence


not forged in fever

produced instead in gentle light

stretching across life’s abyss

providing a span

for flying toes to touch down


once upon a time

a child broken slowly

into shards

gently crammed into a cup

bouquet of jagged edges

swirling behind the smooth porcelain

lifetimes passed

each age adding tar and stars

binding the fragments

into an illusion of stability

delicate container grew into a pot

big, safe with a spout to pour out tidbits

self to give to everybody else

once upon a moment

the smallest, biggest thing

from the inside

explosive conflagration

leaving nothing but dust

sparkling, settling, drifting

shaking fingers covered

weeping mouth silent with shock

then there were more hands

palms upturned to catch the fallout

to capture the tears cascade

gently folding the one into the other

clay created in the desert

laid at at dirty feet

a new vessel made

discoveries joy

elation’s fingerprints left

imprinted with love

wholly put together

cracks remained

healed with silver and blood

ink and mud

beautiful all the same