Make Room

i am home here

more at home than i have ever really felt

it is safe



you are part of that home



i slide into this space

like it was designed to cradle me

so why

why do you want me to hide my hands

why should I cut of my limbs to make room

if that room is not for you?

There is a place here for you

already safe



i will keep my hands

and wrap you in my arms

no need to remove them,

let’s just leave the top open

we are not trapped

no need to fear

no need to escape from what is not frightening

walls are painted in love

not blood

ceiling spattered with awe

not hurt

kindness envelops us whole

it waits for us to see

to recognize

we are already here

just entwine fingers

gently brush away hair

a quiet home

is in us


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