Once upon a time

in one of my here and now’s

I kissed a magical kiss

it started me awake

into my next dream

it burst open a part of me

once upon another time

i kissed that kiss again

panic bubbling

realizations flooding me

that I had made so many mistakes

so i ran

I broke


but I had felt my wings

once upon the last time

it started with a kiss

then another and


each better than the last

curtains pushed back

from undisclosed windows

exposing myself

to myself

I discovered things that I had always wanted

but had learned to believe were not real

i see this imperfect being

I SEE him

sometimes, he SEES me too

i fell

twirling into the sky

I want to be a better me

I want to watch him become a better him

I want his skin

his laughter

the frustrated sighs

I want to explore life with him

I want to create our family

I do not want to share myself with anyone else

but i have been pushed away

once upon a now

the life i have embraced feels

more like home than ever before

i do not know how thngs will turn out


i appreciate the moments

the blissful joy

of the opportunity to feel any of this

at all


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