Pregnant Pause

paging through old thoughts

picking between snapshots

a variety of things clarify

focus shifted

things settled right

legs stretched

reflections met

bad wolves howl their silent song

welcoming some many

small things born

into their world


I may not be around very much for the next 6 weeks, as I have finally found the project that calls to me in a voice I cannot ignore.  I shall return!



when change is hard

look to the sky

no matter the time of day

vast beauty opens the why

to find things are indeed okay


when change is hard

look to the earth

dig in deep with your toes

feel the world’s mirth

casting out your woes


when change is hard

look to the flame

let it burn the doubts away

eliminating blame

allowing the blossom to stay


when change is hard

look to the sea

leading treasures to the shore

depths expressing, just to be

learning all it’s lore


when change is hard

look to the soul

taking in all the love

having almost learned it’s role

fitted now like a glove


when change is hard

do not give up

take a break, have a snack, do a little dance

drink from the bottom of the cup

mayhap then to find a bit of romance