A Little Rest

nothing so sweet

as much needed sleep

dreaming of fish

not found in the deep

getting up now

of objection, not a peep


Thursday Thoughts

What would my life be with out you…

I am not sure how to imagine it.

Would I learn to be strong?

To be brave?

Could I do that by myself?

What would I be like had I not met you…

Would I still be trapped in a misery of my own making?

Would I have learned to trust and feel safe?

Would I be more myself or less?

I am not sure I can imagine it.

So, thank you.

I have lived so many lives for other people,

it has taught me how to appreciate what you do

to help me live one for us.



Mind Flights

tiny droplets resound from

heights unknown

connecting sky to earth

earth to others

galaxies to dimensions

reality to fantasy

bounce up

then fly farther than anticipated

zoom in close

still tiny

amazing details

loom hugely


til flight becomes swimming

depths explored in braille

thoughts heard in the vibration of bones

tasting of fairies laughter and walrus tears

explosions dazzle dancing auroras

can you see the stars from here?

or is it just my imagination?

does it really matter which?