Mixed Roses

venturing forth into the day’s prose

finding footholds in the cracks

clouds contain the sirens sound

bouncing against the hill and back

aches and hopes fill joints to bursting

until each moment gives up what it lacks

find the joys hidden throughout the day

then hit the road home, jack

Morning Cold

gravel grit soreness

scraped through the tiny passages

bone aching through skin

sliding nausea down an unwilling throat

unwelcome it bounces back up

pain puddles in eye hollows

under cheeks ridges

residing in the trail of muscle gliding down the spine

hacking breath

tasting of disturbed lungs

one aural cavity closed

sealing the sounds to the skull’s other side

a longing for sleep

curled in the deep, warm recesses of unconsciousness

hearing the wind scatter it’s tears on the windows

chasing the unpleasantness

hot tea melts a bit of it away


I have been waiting

to see this place again.


I had to wander off

to miss it

to feel the ebb of life without.


This feels good.



I was having a great deal of difficulty with wordpress for the last month or two, so i had sort of given up. ┬áNot really give up as much as forgetting to check to see if it had been fixed every day. Then POW! I remembered a couple days ago, while trying to figure out my funk (been just off for a bit, then realized I hadn’t been writing!) and when i checked this morning, all was well again.

Missed it and y’all!