2 Pounds

into the stillness

into the silence

casting out tiny touches

collecting minds eyes

sight is confounded

unless viewed from an angle

into this brave night

I bellow my pleasure



it is cool like tiny breezes

alternating between light and dark as the leaves quake

it smells of fresh earth and growth

of hot, sweet pine in sunshine

it is comforting

cocooning us, across the ground and reaching to the sky

it tastes of love and spring

bright, sharp and smooth

Lady Luck

luck is a strange thing

dancing through days

leaving tiptoes of blessing behind her

surrounding us with bliss bits

to be noticed and enjoyed

you create your own luck

by what you notice

what you love

what you allow to bring you pleasure

she brings you the beginnings

the basics

the building blocks

to make the luck yours

this lady doesn’t grant wishes

she lives in face up pennies and single moments on the clock

shamrocks and coincidences

cupcakes and laughter

rainy afternoons and sunny mornings

look for your luck

and you shall find her

walking in plain sight

Peas for Princesses

i found myself in a familiar place

made unfamiliar by time

small sounds run roughshod

over nerves swollen and furious

it is a hellish place

anger, frustration, guilt

wrapped in poisonous sandpaper

i used to live there

constantly immersed in petty rage

confounded by my inability to step out of it

i found a path and followed it to myself

unfettering the angst

releasing myself from my prison

occasionally I slip back through the door

rarely now, but all the more unpleasant for it

when I return to peace

i feel the residue

the need to apologize

for finding myself in that place

realizing there are a few small things that protect me

that if I seek them out

i shall stay well