Jusque la, c’est bien!

it is in the quietude

the not silence

stippling the moments

no words

just me

that I find the ways

riding them

softly to new places

revisiting memories I have not yet made


touching the past and the future



Flow Terre

tell truth to me fast

then lie to me slow

declare your love

hollow words

designed for the show

only here for my luck

this I always know

prove to me then

you are aware you can grow

let go of the anger

leave it with the snow

burn in the ashes

tell me great tales

get the boats from the caches

let me guide you past whales

a tiger shines in the darkness

a dragon calls home

answer my call

use the damn phone



Smithy Doors

disappointment that tastes like honey in my mouth


thick and heavy and sweet

slipping hot down throats

raw from held in truth

learning other peoples stories

to see my own

to seek it in their reflections

finding connections

does yours taste of honey?

or does it burn, eating away flesh?

eyes haunted like the sea

storms chasing themselves

into birth