A Vixen’s Tale

This November is going to be a big milestone for me. My very first book is going to be available on Kindle.  Once it is available, I will post a link here, should you want to investigate further.

Thank you!


Productive Procrastination

time to clean

says the self

just a few more minutes to explore the screen


time to address all these piles

says the self

just a moment while a find a few more smiles


time to get up and go

says the self

stretchingly okay, okay, it will just be in slo-mo

We Can Fix This

For years we have been watching our political processes become more and more about the people that want power and not the people.

This current election shows in extremely livid detail that we have reached a critical point in time.  In games, work, life in general, we can look back and pinpoint that one critical decision that changes everything after it.  Most of the time you can only see that moment in hindsight.  This is a rare gift, that it is visible now.

We have been provided with two options.  We are told we must choose one or the other.  They have been selected for us and we are expected to give up our power, acquiescing to the hidden agendas of the political parties that long ago stopped caring about us, the people that give them the power to govern us.  We claim to want change, but neither of the options presented actually change anything, except to break us down and make us mindless drones, doing as we are told.

Our government is designed to help us prevent this.  It is not a perfect system, true, but it is the one we have right now.  Do you feel helpless? Do you feel powerless to fix it? Well, guess what! We can fix this.  We can choose the third option.  We can say “No, try again”.

Frequently you will here the phrase “They are two sides of the same coin”.  This has always bothered me.  Take a moment to actually look at a coin.  Do you see it?  The third side?  Hidden in plain sight, just waiting to be noticed. It might be smooth or ridged, but that edge is there and it does exist.

I have a suggestion.  Get out there and vote.  Get your friends and family to vote.  But choose the third option.   Tell them we don’t like the choices they have fed us.  Don’t worry about throwing away your vote.  Don’t make a selection based on fear.  Write in the person you actually believe in.  Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, your Dad, Mickey Mouse, it doesn’t matter who.  The goal is not to try and get us to all agree on a third candidate right now, but to make it clear that we would rather call for a do over and get better options.

If everybody votes for someone they can stand behind, instead of the craptastic options presented, we are able to make our collective point.  We can say NO.  We can take back our power, we can be the change we want to see.  Peacefully.  Yes, it will be messy and it will be a lot of work to clean up the aftermath, but that is what change is.  Messy.  This will shake things up and maybe, just maybe, we can be proud of ourselves and our country again.  We can prove to ourselves that we do make a difference and that every vote counts.

You know how to do this.  Use social media to spread the message. Vote for what you believe, not the shitshow we have been presented with.  We don’t have to all agree on one person right now, we just need to say NO the the current options.  If we can get enough people to vote for anybody else except Clinton or Trump, the media will notice, the government will notice, the world will notice.  It is time for a revolution.  Be a part of it.