Self Talk

movingĀ  this here

makes that harder to maintain



don’t forget to follow through

you can do this!

my god, why does the placement of this make a difference?



oh wait, make a list!

I got this.


Patience and Prioritization

How long did it take?

Finding the trust

Finding the stability

Finding the pattern that works


Just long enough

to break everything down

sort through the rubble

keeping only the precious

letting go of the no longer needed

releasing the unhealthy


Then just a bit more time

doing the little things


doing the big things


doing all the things



A while later

adjustments are made

repairs are done

the web is maintained

acceptance of this pattern

to take joy in its repitetion

to seek the imperfections

to feel the resistance weaken


It takes forever

but that is sort of the point.



Today’s Delight

small victories

insightful conversation

joy in motion

the help of strangers, unbeknownst to them

sadness at a future loss, with time to still enjoy

taking the hard way home

surprise jazz

wonderful folks

the long runs of salmon, treading a ladder

peach lavender scone

rainier cherries and fresh blueberries

so much sunshine

enough breeze to warrant sleeves

afternoon hunger

a plan for the future