Blankets and Comfy Pants

wriggle down into it

giggle and mirth

warm it up

wrap it around

love the quiet morning

waiting on the rain and the sun

appearances not yet made

ginger, peach and cranberry

crowd in to delight the tongue

grunt with pleasure

foundling in morning light

Tiny Linguistic Ponderings

you are speaking to those who are kind

a line

a statement

lovely in other dressings

Vous parlez à ceux qui sont gentils

I wonder why

it is speaking to

rather than speaking with

but no matter, I suppose

kindness and speech

are two of my favorite things


into the mind’s silence comes

lilting tones

rhythms sweetly suggesting life

holding pain in open hands

watching others

holding grief in open hearts


Yesterday, I spent the morning volunteering at my local Out of the Darkness walk.  It is put on by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  I participate because I have struggled with suicidal thoughts and have helped others during their own struggles with suicide.

I spent my morning working at the Memorial Garden.  My fellow volunteers were amazing people and getting to participate in the healing that comes from sharing was very inspiring to me.

So I wrote a poem.  (You might be able to tell that I have a hard time talking about my own story.  This little addendum sounds so dry for such a potent topic)



Every Eye a Mirror

the assumption that you will know them

in the moment

may not be true

the assumption that they even know

what they do

may not be true

imagine a world where everything

you do

you say

you observe

comes back to you

through other people’s eyes

how brilliant

how exhausting

to constantly see your own story


astoundingly reconfigured


when would you start seeking other stories?

when would you become tired of your self’s million mirrors?

when would you smile and just continue on with your days?

at some point

you are happy

if someone just sees


Ancient Revelations

unattachment is such a still place

not like stone

it’s frozen motion

sensed in the bones

waiting to be released

tension between atoms

expressed in solidity

but still like water

the profundity of constant movement

paused but not waiting

what can be more still

than the moment

where movement simply

ceases to be

atoms at rest

easy mobility heightens the intensity

of the calm