Trying on Possibilities

reality is not so much a truth

as it is a concept

an understanding of the world

of all the reflections



that can be observed

shading each individual world

culminating in all the vividness



by each different perception


Wherever you go…

there is comfort in uncertainty

when you are not sure where the waves will take you

salted water supports bodies foreign to its nature

there is delight in not knowing

which wind will take you

buffeting in the dive, ruffled in lazy circles

there is joy in home

finding it is located inside you

a turtle with no shell

Thursday Thoughts

What would my life be with out you…

I am not sure how to imagine it.

Would I learn to be strong?

To be brave?

Could I do that by myself?

What would I be like had I not met you…

Would I still be trapped in a misery of my own making?

Would I have learned to trust and feel safe?

Would I be more myself or less?

I am not sure I can imagine it.

So, thank you.

I have lived so many lives for other people,

it has taught me how to appreciate what you do

to help me live one for us.




here i sit

surrounded by bliss

not following

not searching

just appreciating what is

anticipation of what is to come

satisfaction in what is done

appreciation of the solitude currently in my home

my past is quiet

my future brimming

my present is balanced

I love it here

Universal Nature

what fills the space between spaces?

what does the void hide?

what fills the aether?

is it dark, or perhaps light?

is it made of souls or maybe love?

What a comfort that would be

to know that we are




in love

that it holds all things together

it creates the gravity that

holds the clouds in cradled hands

like faces to be kissed