play echoes through the days

seeking to lighten always

bruises left

reminders of laughter

the surprised squeak

joyfully loud heartbeats

no delicate flowers to be squashed

respectful pauses

before pouncing again into the fray

always echoing throughout the day



cored with exhaustion

sliding gently down

learning to rest amongst the doubts

uncertainty is surprisingly interesting

wrangle the numbers

come in line

find the repetition that makes sense

preparation lingers

with the knowledge that

what comes is what comes

the fight is quiet

silent small battles

won with patience

victory throws up hands

flashing teeth in a glorious woohoo

revels reveal themselves as steps

and you realize again

how much you enjoy stairs



I Hear You

a story sits

ripples through time

front to back

back to front

all the up and downs

the journey

it is worth it

in the end

in the then

in the now

the harrowing has happened

will happen

is happening

it is pain and knowledge

hurt leading to joy

anguish that heals anguish

eden is the womb

the expulsion is the gift of life

and here we are

esoteric beings

telling stories

for ourselves

to ourselves

of ourselves