Delight in Mystery

It was never a decision

it was an acceptance

years ago

standing behind beaten copper

grieving for the future

since, as you pointed out, it doesn’t exist

the same moment I released

my death grip on the past

because as Bill always points out

it just doesn’t matter

this moment does

treat it with care and love

don’t worry about the other possibilities

there is somebody to experience them

you/I don’t have to experience every possibility of every moment

reality already has that covered

imagine the freedom that allows

oh, wait

we don’t have to

The Importance of Uncertainty

clarity is a job

though it feels foreign

to search for it

shouldn’t one be able to see?

verity is a perception

various interpretations of truths

allow flexibility

transforming them into a universe

shouldn’t one be able to know?

uncertainty allows for acceptance

if you cannot see and cannot know

then it is expected


yet another truth

that neither can anyone else



cored with exhaustion

sliding gently down

learning to rest amongst the doubts

uncertainty is surprisingly interesting

wrangle the numbers

come in line

find the repetition that makes sense

preparation lingers

with the knowledge that

what comes is what comes

the fight is quiet

silent small battles

won with patience

victory throws up hands

flashing teeth in a glorious woohoo

revels reveal themselves as steps

and you realize again

how much you enjoy stairs