Journey in Contentment

long awaited luxury


the cusp of morning


preparations beginning in earnest


into a day of love





wiping the rust of dry nights from leaden lids

warming the thickness of being from the inside

tea, milk, sugar

revelling in the revelation of rain

so long absent


stretching out the kinks and grumbles



Today’s Delight

small victories

insightful conversation

joy in motion

the help of strangers, unbeknownst to them

sadness at a future loss, with time to still enjoy

taking the hard way home

surprise jazz

wonderful folks

the long runs of salmon, treading a ladder

peach lavender scone

rainier cherries and fresh blueberries

so much sunshine

enough breeze to warrant sleeves

afternoon hunger

a plan for the future

Workin It Out

fly thattaway way

awkward sharp distressed

words not at their best

perfection is not sought

peace is not bought

found in soft small moments

heard in offhand comments

new chapters arise

happy faces even after goodbyes

sunshine calls

open air enthralls

edges smoothed sanded out

vulnerability makes fine grained gout

fight the soul fight

sleep sweetly tomorrow night