Workin It Out

fly thattaway way

awkward sharp distressed

words not at their best

perfection is not sought

peace is not bought

found in soft small moments

heard in offhand comments

new chapters arise

happy faces even after goodbyes

sunshine calls

open air enthralls

edges smoothed sanded out

vulnerability makes fine grained gout

fight the soul fight

sleep sweetly tomorrow night

Two Dots

He stands awaiting instant perfection

smiling at each passerby.

She is lost is self reflection

but stops to say hi.

Quiet speech erupts upward

laughter lifts the sky.

Shattered tears fall downward

they say goodbye.

Neither leaving nor staying

unwilling to ungrasp the high,

two circles orbiting

I think, perchance, they are just shy.

Gentle Palms

stars weep my heart’s tears

icy midnight breezes

brush them away

dragon eggs warm

the heat from my chest burns

bringing them life

fingers scraped raw

climbing cliffs

sheer with determination

patience will be the key

undoing rusted locks

gate swinging on hinges

broken from misuse

laughter’s clarion call

ringing through

canyons unemptied of treasure

hidden in winding, wending ways

waiting to shine in the sun