old habits

tasted again

sour in the mouth

no comfort



no expectations

offered truth

ache dances with numb fingers

honesty found


new year

rough start

revelations itching to the surface




Lady Luck

luck is a strange thing

dancing through days

leaving tiptoes of blessing behind her

surrounding us with bliss bits

to be noticed and enjoyed

you create your own luck

by what you notice

what you love

what you allow to bring you pleasure

she brings you the beginnings

the basics

the building blocks

to make the luck yours

this lady doesn’t grant wishes

she lives in face up pennies and single moments on the clock

shamrocks and coincidences

cupcakes and laughter

rainy afternoons and sunny mornings

look for your luck

and you shall find her

walking in plain sight


If I had my way today,

I would wake next to you

smiling and sneaking away.

If I had my way today,

hummingly I would prepare

some tasty morning fare.

If I had my way today,

you would wake to all your favorite things

spend a while making plans for spring

If I had my way,

to the game you would go

watching your team win in gracious slo-mo.

When home you returned to,

it would be filled with laughter and friends for you,

to glow while a storm rages outside.

If I had my way,

this would the happiest of your birthdays.