Own It

remember why you are here

what  you are capable of

remember that you are brilliant

a star shining among all the others

remember your dream

climb the tree

remember that you have to jump

to use your wings


The Second Book Starts with a Storm


the first two pages always are

cryptic adventures


no good story starts

“I decided to stay at home”


sliding bloody knees

dirty nails


galvanizing roads

blazed in diamond dust


the final period satisfying

new questions await


Stony gap

peaks soar

pulling feet upwards

knuckles bruising

panting ledge

gazing up to see how far to go

remembering to look down

to see how far up the venture

has already carried the tired form

accept this place, this moment

the hurts, the weariness

know there will be another

rocky crevasse to pass on the other side

appreciate the beauty of hardship

the next place to rest

will have a view that calms the heart

soothes your aching limbs

wrapping joy in sunshine and rain

know this, remember it

from all the past tribulations

embrace your heartshine

let your soul follow the goat’s trail

up the mountains

Round and Round

gathered up so close

tightly wound

pressed against future’s dream

surprised to be found

waiting unknowingly for the dance

difficult steps with feet firmly bound

ache of a strange color fills

taking up space across wet ground

something breaks

distantly ringing empty sound

patience heart extended

gently gathering pieces by the pound

Two Dots

He stands awaiting instant perfection

smiling at each passerby.

She is lost is self reflection

but stops to say hi.

Quiet speech erupts upward

laughter lifts the sky.

Shattered tears fall downward

they say goodbye.

Neither leaving nor staying

unwilling to ungrasp the high,

two circles orbiting

I think, perchance, they are just shy.

Gentle Palms

stars weep my heart’s tears

icy midnight breezes

brush them away

dragon eggs warm

the heat from my chest burns

bringing them life

fingers scraped raw

climbing cliffs

sheer with determination

patience will be the key

undoing rusted locks

gate swinging on hinges

broken from misuse

laughter’s clarion call

ringing through

canyons unemptied of treasure

hidden in winding, wending ways

waiting to shine in the sun