I wish

for reunion



connections reestablished

to find those that wandered

out of lives

leaving a space for return

I wish that for all of us

those things



and small


Mother’s Hands

I used to stare at my mom’s hands

wishing my fingers were so long

that i could see the tendons dancing beneath

veins visible and soft

I stare at my own hands now

they look like her’s

and mine

they have brushed off dirt

rubbed love into shoulders

found countless lost things

fed hope and knowledge

i have my own mother’s hands


they long to be held

to caress

dance the tattoo of love

for a family of my own

Round and Round

gathered up so close

tightly wound

pressed against future’s dream

surprised to be found

waiting unknowingly for the dance

difficult steps with feet firmly bound

ache of a strange color fills

taking up space across wet ground

something breaks

distantly ringing empty sound

patience heart extended

gently gathering pieces by the pound

Feeling Feline Falconry

sweet revelations

darling resolutions

bright realizations

out of the darkling time

boasts the broken heart

shattered pieces crystallized

then further broke apart

til the dust shimmered

in the moon’s half light

coalescing, dancing

and rebuilt itself

into a sturdy and fur soft heart

beating more slowly

deeply pondering it’s breadth

discovering it has wings and roots

and all sorts of fancy stuff

brave though not without fear

thrusting itself into trust

jumping from cliffs to soar hither and thither

always a tiny tether to follow home

never lost even when lonely

no hurt could ever be as great

as that massive twilit break

no holes, no missing bits

found a place where it fits

so, it sits.