i have been spoiled by the couch

occupying it, cat like

picking the spot that doesn’t give quite enough room

to it’s other inhabitants

I have been spoiled by the tv

wide and bright and full of sounds and dancing colors

I have been spoiled by the dynamics

of another person

taking up space like air, filling the nooks and dust motes

with awareness if not sound

I have been spoiled with love

leaking it through every pore

weeping into laughter

I have been spoiled with loneliness

the flattening ache

so bluntly unfamiliar to me

where it used to hunt me and haunt me

through crowds of friends

I have been spoiled by my own decisiveness

so used to my mind eyeing my heart

tempering it and flying forward

ignoring nerves

I sit now, lonely

isolated in my single chair

ghostly before the light of my computers screen

the silence filled only with my own breathe

unsure how to proceed.

Wallowing in what used to be me,

missing myself as I am now.


Well, Hulloo There!


last night

i met myself

i think

first i met all the folks

i used to believe I was

they came to my table

one by one

two by two

trying to catch my attention

some were silent

some were gorgeous

some were pushy

some were obnoxious

then the girl that shared arrived

i think i knew it was me

by her eyes

a wilted rose she gave me

the petals and thorns falling in my hands

til just the stem was left

we ooh’d and ahh’d and decided to taste

the healing gel it contained

it was roses and green and soft

til the tart sour made saliva pour from our mouths

we decided to pickle it

or maybe make jelly

then we smiles at each other

recognition of understanding

our lips touched

to wake me from my slumber


dawning with the sun

Gentle Palms

stars weep my heart’s tears

icy midnight breezes

brush them away

dragon eggs warm

the heat from my chest burns

bringing them life

fingers scraped raw

climbing cliffs

sheer with determination

patience will be the key

undoing rusted locks

gate swinging on hinges

broken from misuse

laughter’s clarion call

ringing through

canyons unemptied of treasure

hidden in winding, wending ways

waiting to shine in the sun

Palm Trees

follow your heart

follow it’s beat

follow your song

follow your feet

you will be lead to magic tacos

handed to you in the street

you will be taught by rainbows

to let go and believe

you will be shown the power of fire

raucous joy and healing heat

all you must do

is repeat

follow your heart

follow it’s beat

follow your song

follow your feet