return and give

open and close

warmth seeps into pores

molten honey rhythm

sweet and hot

runs out along the floors


Luna’s Kiss

somewhere between the stars

toes caught on daydreams

stuck to the velvet sky

dancing with love

galaxy spinning in time

draped in nebulous clouds

pushing off moonbeams

kicking farther out

our wonder ringing


touching the other songs


somewhere amongst the stars


once upon a time

the girl with eyes the color of the sea


looking at an ocean of desert


aura of red about her form

two storms rolled in

they crashed like waves into each other

directly above her

she stood in the winds

soul snapping like a cape in the warmth

face upturned to receive what drops of rain would come

then she danced

spinning, undulating, flickering

like the half moon through clouds

leaving traceries of red against the night

powdery dust crept up he legs

her arms embraced the sky

and when the storms passed

all their passion spent

she lay in the desert

smiling at the sky

playing with the stars


harmonies, sweet and hot

sisters voices spinning tales

expounding the love and greatness

wine, cool and pink

tang on my tongue sliding down a thirsty throat

slurring it’s way into the afternoon

windows, thrown open

sun breezing in kissing the shoulders

skinned in sweat from workin

hips, swaying in time

lips, singing all the words

dreams, blossoming in tipsy afternoons

Two Dots

He stands awaiting instant perfection

smiling at each passerby.

She is lost is self reflection

but stops to say hi.

Quiet speech erupts upward

laughter lifts the sky.

Shattered tears fall downward

they say goodbye.

Neither leaving nor staying

unwilling to ungrasp the high,

two circles orbiting

I think, perchance, they are just shy.

Feeling Feline Falconry

sweet revelations

darling resolutions

bright realizations

out of the darkling time

boasts the broken heart

shattered pieces crystallized

then further broke apart

til the dust shimmered

in the moon’s half light

coalescing, dancing

and rebuilt itself

into a sturdy and fur soft heart

beating more slowly

deeply pondering it’s breadth

discovering it has wings and roots

and all sorts of fancy stuff

brave though not without fear

thrusting itself into trust

jumping from cliffs to soar hither and thither

always a tiny tether to follow home

never lost even when lonely

no hurt could ever be as great

as that massive twilit break

no holes, no missing bits

found a place where it fits

so, it sits.

One Step, Two Step

Tiny moments

bellow loudly

their silent meanings.

Go slowly


with underlying urgency.

When did the train whistles stop?

They did not.

Focus on others things blocked them.

When will the apple drop?

Open hands

wait with closed eyes.

Preparations continue

journeys stretch like cats

curiosity feeding itself

into my joy.