Gathering Beauty

I got some sad news this morning.  I friend of mine just passed away.  He was a photographer and musician of amazing skill, as well as being a gregarious and generally wonderful person.

In his honor, i want to gather beauty together.  He would like the idea of strangers passing along what they find beautiful.  It spreads out what he left behind and connects us all a little bit more.

So if you would, please post a picture or a song or a poem or whatever you find to be beautiful today.

It would mean a great deal and filling the world with a bit more wonderful!

Thank you!!!


The Death of a Housefly

wind sliding around the fat body
multifaceted eyes reflecting
hairy toes touching ground
a flurry of wings

sweet surfaces
tempting the feet
proboscis extending
seeking a treat

silently stalking
weapon readied
the buzzing will be quelled
the torment will be ending

all is still
meal finished
legs industriously cleaning
removing debris

swiftly it comes
a great swooshing smack!
triumphant chortling
the fly broken and black

Another in the Title Project. This one provided by ogre, a dear and long time friend. He has been holding onto this title for a while, thinking it would make a great band name. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to create something for it.