Own It

remember why you are here

what  you are capable of

remember that you are brilliant

a star shining among all the others

remember your dream

climb the tree

remember that you have to jump

to use your wings


Making My Way Home

Mister Curiosity

laughter warms cool walls

quiet breath tastes the walls

a city is never known

til a Tuesday morning witness

music singing the raindrops songs

open eyes devour open faces

sweet skin lingering

salt and vanilla

sudden syncing sun tells the tale

I am home

Pining’s Quiet Prose

what to do

what to do

sitting here

I miss you

and you

and you

Longing for wind

trailing through the stars

brightly twisting

into universal truths

Brook babbling

words in a siren’s tongue

secrets uninterpreted

Patience is found

lounging along

touches of soul

condensing in song

oh, how I miss you

full contact laughter

Oh, how I miss you

sly cat-eyed banter

so I do what there is to do

which is sit here

and miss you

and you

and you