the dream comes

again and again

the same

the feel on sunshine, liquid on skin

soft from sleeping

the delicate scent of love and life

it awakens a deep well of joy



it brings tears for the future memory

that may never exist

outside of this dream


Lost Keys


lost in a house

wrapped in a discomforter

searching for the keys to my home

finding faces I couldn’t see

hiding all around me

they come to help in the search

laughing and talking

laying about

until the finding doesn’t matter

the searching stops

for I am already home

Naked on a Zebra

Flying across plains
cresting the rise

wild heart jumping
stripes pressed against thighs

no question on how this came to be
only wonder and exhilaration fighting free

blindly light falls
on shoulders loose

face shining brightly
all wind and thundering hooves

finally pulling up
pausing, breath coming hard

enjoying the dreamers moment
of beauty unmarred

Another in the Title Project. This one also belongs to Pixie. Now, i really, really hope I get to have a dream where I am naked of a zebra, cause that would be kinda fantabuluos.