What would you do?

defining crossroads

laid out before me

the choice between two

on pointed toes

at the tip of the metronome

weighing out wants

to fall to the left

steps play out a hard course

years of work

debts racked up high

for knowledge acquired

my being offering help to others

leaving hidden dreams of family

to haunt dusty corners

to fall to the right

plays out difficult steps

years of work

not a sure thing

dependent on the agreement of another

tears at night

silly arguments

bright smiles and laughter abound

one is for me

one is for us

an us that doesn’t quite exist

take a chance of a sure thing


jumping into hope

knowing that there can be a deep hurt at the bottom

I know what I chose

balancing on that point, staring into my futures

it scares me

I may be forced to take the second choice

what else to do?

What would you choose?

Ground Crab Season

the music had stopped

i went looking in the rain

pouring warm over bare arms

a familiar but not heard in a long while voice

droplets bouncing off her face

down a steep hill

till the dirt road at the bottom of the city is found

climbing out on the limb

I discover I have been here before

there was no way up from the bottom of the bottom

so I turn

grab the vines and the branches carefully

finding the way back a little scary but done

at the fence

the ground moves with shells and pincers

and I remember

it is crab season