the mirror fell last night

and i could see myself again

tasting words on air unfiltered

recognizing the paths


reflected in cascading facets

the mirror fell

released like skin


beautiful still

as it sits empty

showcasing new skin

the mirror



unafraid of beasts




Gentle Palms

stars weep my heart’s tears

icy midnight breezes

brush them away

dragon eggs warm

the heat from my chest burns

bringing them life

fingers scraped raw

climbing cliffs

sheer with determination

patience will be the key

undoing rusted locks

gate swinging on hinges

broken from misuse

laughter’s clarion call

ringing through

canyons unemptied of treasure

hidden in winding, wending ways

waiting to shine in the sun

Angry Aurora

Cold Feet

Fairytales fill my mind
woe, heartache and growth.
Just to leave me behind
love upon which I can only choke.

Upon which needle did my finger prick?
Dragons behind thorny walls
Hurry, hurry, kiss me quick
or don’t you have the balls?

Or perchance I am the fairyprince
come to rescue you.
Does that, by chance, make you wince
what with your lack of follow through?

One day, if you take the chance still will I be there
for despite my wrath, I am very much your maiden fair.