Pinpoints and Pendulums

imperfections are how life balances itself

tiny pockets of bliss

expand into forever

lines connecting all of them together

those moments

that carry you through

supporting you in your pain

pinpoints and pendulums

swinging round and round again


Thoughtful Expansion

three times it grew

in size and shape and texture



sloughing off and refining

finding the thing

already done

mincing, mining

treasured nuggets



brought own

shining in the sun


Pregnant Pause

paging through old thoughts

picking between snapshots

a variety of things clarify

focus shifted

things settled right

legs stretched

reflections met

bad wolves howl their silent song

welcoming some many

small things born

into their world


I may not be around very much for the next 6 weeks, as I have finally found the project that calls to me in a voice I cannot ignore.  I shall return!