Today’s Delight

small victories

insightful conversation

joy in motion

the help of strangers, unbeknownst to them

sadness at a future loss, with time to still enjoy

taking the hard way home

surprise jazz

wonderful folks

the long runs of salmon, treading a ladder

peach lavender scone

rainier cherries and fresh blueberries

so much sunshine

enough breeze to warrant sleeves

afternoon hunger

a plan for the future



once upon a time

the girl with eyes the color of the sea


looking at an ocean of desert


aura of red about her form

two storms rolled in

they crashed like waves into each other

directly above her

she stood in the winds

soul snapping like a cape in the warmth

face upturned to receive what drops of rain would come

then she danced

spinning, undulating, flickering

like the half moon through clouds

leaving traceries of red against the night

powdery dust crept up he legs

her arms embraced the sky

and when the storms passed

all their passion spent

she lay in the desert

smiling at the sky

playing with the stars

Harmony Hears a Who

one week from now

a quest shall ensue

early risen

into the cold dark

a favorite companion


one week from now

soaring far away

gliding to the light

my oldest friend

gales of delight

roast beast.

one week from now

glee will sparkle

joyful embraces located

a new playmate

smattered affection all around


one week from now

invasion of mysteries deep

heartfelt boxes of blue

the man with the angry eyebrows

quest completed

exhausted snuggly sleep.