softly sinking into the day

playing with the sore spots of yesterday

pangs of recent memory


A Challenge!

I logged in today to find I had been invited to a 100 word story challenge.  I am very excited!  It is my first such challenge and I am thrilled to be invited to participate.  Thank you so much!

The rules are easy, write 100 words about whatever strikes your fancy.  There is a ten word buffer (that i took advantage of).  Then nominate a few people.  I like the idea of three.  Please, if you want to join in, do!  Then post a link in the comments so I can read them. =)

I was delightfully surprised by:


I invite the following three to join in:

My 100 words…

In this existence, we are frequently touched by others.  It may be for a moment, it may be for a few months, or for the rest of your life.  Our voices ripple outward, reaching unexpected places.  I would not be here, writing this, had it not been for a poem about a dragon I read on my birthday.  I would not be in this new city, living in a home I never suspected I could find, had it not been for a chance invitation last year.  Keep sending out your ripples, keep touching lives, keep being open to all that it brings. Follow the palm trees.


Group Effort

A friend of mine and I chatting. She likes to come up with titles for poems and I like to write them. I suggested a joint effort. She provided one and we’ll see if it continues. but I thought it was fun and I wanted to share the first, and so far, only one.

The Damp Cuddle

froggy and foggy
dew drenched it was

an arm here, a leg there
wrapped up together

after walks in the rain
dancing in the sea

warm up the body
skin to skin

laughter waves out
along with steam

these are the best
ways to dry off

cuddling damply
all smiles and soft