for a moment

it shines

the new self

the being created

a reminder


change is real

the dinge of the past


set aside

can be polished


Workin It Out

fly thattaway way

awkward sharp distressed

words not at their best

perfection is not sought

peace is not bought

found in soft small moments

heard in offhand comments

new chapters arise

happy faces even after goodbyes

sunshine calls

open air enthralls

edges smoothed sanded out

vulnerability makes fine grained gout

fight the soul fight

sleep sweetly tomorrow night

The Cat Within

curiouser and curiouser

down the rabbit hole I fell

twisting, squirming, flailing

to the bottom of the well

all around disguised

were reflections

of my own eyes

I fought

and I drowned

I thought

and I clowned

til i found a portal

that lead further down

up and up I fell

gliding, smiling, enjoying

til i emerged teeth first

the place was the same

the same as i left it

now i knew

how to change it

so slowly I faded

toes to stripy skin

leaving til last

twinkly eyes and a feral grin


Everything happens as it must

as it should

as it needs to

Strange alignments bring flashes

of joy

of sadness

of determination

Looking within to see the future

my choices

my paths

my possibilities

Future Past Now

The present has caught up with the past
a strange moment
dancing in surreality

Layers and layers
beaten to unimaginable transparency
folding, melting into each other

The edge of half remembered things
swirling up
melding with the feelings held tight

Paths glimmer
gliding, guiding
lighting themselves where we choose to step

This is beauty
bliss and tears
stumbling, we find each other