old habits

tasted again

sour in the mouth

no comfort



no expectations

offered truth

ache dances with numb fingers

honesty found


new year

rough start

revelations itching to the surface




Inspired Bones

Heights Unimagined

I want to peel off my face and see what lies beneath
not for sadness or pain
but to see what other’s see
behind my eyes
when i look in the mirror i know what stares out of the blue
i can see my heart
or my walls
or my joy
but how does it look from the outside?
i want to peel off my skin and find my bones
ask them their stories
hear them from another mouth
to hang my wings on the wall and see if they will fly on their own
I want to break my bones and dig down to the heart
to see it pumping and surging
to uncover the solid and gory truth of being
to feel my blood on my own hands
to wash myself with myself
I want to strip away the flesh and see the lines
the courses and shallows of soul and energy
to see the trails feeding me and trace them to their roots
to kiss the sky and the earth
return to the fire and the water
let the blackness of the everything consume the last of me
so i can build it back
the person i want to be
once I know who i am
to show the face and sing the song of creation