But Why?

dream big

but why?

small dreams are beautiful

fitting in the palms of hands

in ears

and mouths

sweetness extending

drawing in

the other small dreams

expected turnings

journeys founded in flights


becoming bigger

swelling grandly

immersing what once may have been big

in a sea of spectacular smalls


A Faithful Steed

my heart has carried me many places

places it didn’t know I need to go

places I certainly did not want

I have found secret things

shouted them from the tops of my soul

I have found broad truths I couldn’t see

my heart has been a faithful steed

even when fickle and shying away

from imagined hazards

even when so sick it cannot do anything

but stand and weep, licking wounds that I inflicted

even when I broke it apart so completely

that it had to rebuild itself

glass dust into magnificent home

sometimes I am foolish

not guiding it, afraid of the path it chooses

but then,

that is how I find the new places.


Everything happens as it must

as it should

as it needs to

Strange alignments bring flashes

of joy

of sadness

of determination

Looking within to see the future

my choices

my paths

my possibilities

La Femme De La Rue

The Red Lava Road

Everybody has a journey

some take you far afield
others explore the hidden depths close by

Everybody has a story

some just the one
others many, many tales

Everybody has wishes

some for themselves
others for all the people around

I have started a journey
that will end when I am dead
I have a multitude of stories
filling up and leaking from my head
I have wishes
both great and small
I have started down this path
and I am smiling with you all